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Discover the power of Flyingvoice VoIP phones with 

We bring structured Flyingvoice device end-user training for businesses on an easy to use platform where progress can be measured and users can engage with the resources that form part of the user journey. 

Built for Flyingvoice partners, you get the flexibility to tailor the full learner experience to match your organization’s unique deployment approach.

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Flyingvoice Training Courses

Get quick access to a range of Flyingvoice training courses developed by us, to use as is or customise to suit your next project

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Flyingvoice FIP1x Series

We showcase the essential phone functions

Our Flyingvoice device training courses equip users with the knowledge of the essential phone functions, ensuring a seamless start to the onboarding process and overall customer experience.

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Users are recognised for their achievement and compliance

When a user completes the course they may receive a celebratory email along with a certificate that verifies their accomplishment.

At the same time, the Project Manager is made aware of user progress at all times so that you keep the project on track!

Learners get everything they need in one place

Learning can be autonomous. 

Users can access training activities and history, possible self-enroll in other courses if you allow, and browse extra content you make available


Users can view their enrolled and completed courses, as well as their progress in each.

Training history

Access training history, completions and past certificates, creating autonomy.


Extended learning becomes possible through documentation that doesn’t expire, that can be download.

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Comms-Training achieves Dstny Alliance partner status

Dstny partners can enhance their UCaaS projects by providing D4SP-approved end-user training videos. This approach ensures streamlined delivery, heightened customer satisfaction, improved service experiences, and increased user adoption.


Telecoms Partners get everything you need - as a service

When you team up with Comms-Training you have a technology provider and service partner that helps you to deliver fast, efficient training through an intuitive platform.

Course Customization

Get immediate access to Flyingvoice phone training course templates that can be used as is or enhanced with your branding, content, and lessons. 

You also have the flexibility to make your training as structured and mandated as needed, and simplify the experience and reinforce essential points with quizzes and knowledge checks using our built-in features.

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Easy onboarding of new users

Get the help of a dedicated customer project manager, or leverage automated workflows and integrations to scale the enrollment process through one centralized system.

Link learning with outcomes

Understand the significance of user training by firstly being able to measure progress, and then correlating learning with outcomes such as user satisfaction, adoption rates, and retention levels.

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Keeping tabs on your project


Management dashboards give realtime insight into project progress including enrollments, courses in progress, completions and quiz submissions.


On-demand and scheduled reports keeps all stakeholders updated, and the project on track – at all times.

Email triggers

Set notifications to users and other parties on a variety of triggers including inactivity, reaching of certain milestones, and more.

Surveys and reviews

Get feedback or leverage quizzes as a User Acceptance Test to get your projects over the line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please Contact Us so that we can discuss the options and onboarding process.

If you’re an end-user, you need to engage your phone system provider to arrange your enrollment and access to the device training.

You should engage your account manager to confirm confirm which enrollment method was agreed for your project.

Enrollments can either be done by you, by us, or automatically through our automations or email onboarding process.

We do not restrict user access, so for as long as you have an active user account you will be able to access all the courses and content on the platform.

We’ve developed complete end-user training courses for the most common VoIP devices and UC applications from some of the biggest industry names.

All courses are made available to partners to use as is, or can be edited to suit their requirements and brand identity.

And, if there’s a course you want us to develop, we invite you to give us two weeks and we’ll make it for you!

Typically our training courses cover the 9 essential phone functions including:

  1. Navigating your device and understanding what each button does.
  2. Call Handling (making and receiving calls)
  3. Call Transfer
  4. Conferencing
  5. Call Forwarding
  6. Do Not Disturb
  7. Call History
  8. Phone Directory
  9. Voicemail

As a partner, however, you have the option to customise the course as you see fit. That may mean adding or removing lessons, or even different courses as part of a bigger learning journey.

Yes! Our courses and in most cases, the content served after a course, is  available in different languages.

In the case of tutorial videos, we can either keep the voiceover in English with subtitles in different languages, or we can do a complete recording in your language of choice.

Absolutely! We offer a range of services to fill the gap in delivering end-user training to your customers.

Connect with a member of our team to explore the options.

Deliver training online for maximum impact and differentiation, today.

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