Launch your telecoms training online in 30 days!

Deliver telecoms device and UC application training online with ease – we handle the content, platform, and ongoing management.

We deliver content for these leading brands

We remove the complexity from delivering training

Telecommunication projects are challenging to get right -

when you’re working in an industry where your success depends on others, it’s even harder.

That’s why we take care of everything involved in delivering effective device and application training to your new users – all the while WOW’ing them with an efficient online learning experience.

We deliver an end-to-end digital learning solution for ICT companies so that when the time comes to deliver your telecoms project there is no question about what needs to be done or who will do it – we get the job done.

Comms-Training delivers end-to-end digital training solutions for ICT companies

In addition to creating bespoke training courses, Comms-Training has a library of device training courses from Snom, Yealink, Poly, Mitel, Cisco, and many others. These ready-made courses can easily be adapted and branded, allowing Service Providers and ICT resellers to deliver device training to their customers, online and in a short timeframe!

Quick to Market

Pick from 30+ ready-made courses from your favourite device vendors.

Choose a Platform

Deliver your training on your own LMS or on ours! Either way, we get you up and running with ease.


Get a Dashboard with real-time user progress, as well as comprehensive Reports.

Personal Support

Get a dedicated helpdesk administrator to take care of all your training project needs.

How we help you to deliver a great onboarding experience

Our service has been designed to deliver everything that you need to get your projects delivered effectively and efficiently

From the time that a user is created on the LMS, a welcome email is triggered that initiates the change management process and helps you to create a relationship with your new users long before you even meet in person.

Courses can be taken at a time and are designed to prepare users for project success by teaching them the essential phone functions and making available relevant documents such as a quick reference guide and device manual. 

Users provide a “digital sign-off” confirming that they have received their training and were able to successfully carry out the basic device operation, and may receive a completion certificate.

And many more valuable benefits..

Increase customer satisfaction. Leverage our automated systems and get help from a team of LMS administrators. 

Boost your profits. Say goodbye to dedicated training resources, the time spent getting to site and the investment that comes with creating content, writing scripts, designing training material, and building, managing and administering a training platform. 

Empower your customers. Enable users to take the required training online, at any time, while you get full visibility into user progress through a dedicated dashboard and scheduled reporting.

Easily manage user churn and “refresher” training by including training into your Service Level Agreement (and even use it in your RFP response!) so that your customers are assured that any ongoing training or the training of new hires will be taken care of automatically for the full duration of your service contract.

Comms-Training achieves global Dstny Alliance partnership status

Dstny partners around the globe can now deliver an end-to-end, custom-branded LMS with courses pre-approved by D4SP, ensuring seamless project delivery, an improved customer satisfaction and service experience, and increased user adoption.


Tailored, customisable packages to suit your needs

Managed Service

LMS as a Service (LMSaaS)

• Fixed monthly cost (unlimited users)
• A dedicated, managed LMS
• Whitelabel and custom domain
• Access to our template courses
• Add your own content
• Change the language
• Content development services
• Helpdesk & admin support for your telecoms projects
• Regular LMS progress updates
• Weekly check-in with your dedicated Account Manager

Outsourced Model

Pay per project

• Pay per user (sold in bundles)
• Unlimited courses per user
• Users take their training on our site
• Choose from any of our courses 
• Partner progress dashboard
• Monthly check-in call & report
• Helpdesk and admin support
• Content development services quoted by project


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Our service has been designed to deliver everything that you need to get your projects delivered with ease!