$ 499 Monthly
  • All-inclusive learning platform
  • Custom domain and branding
  • Unlimited users
  • Access to ready-made course library
  • User emails and notifications
  • Progress dashboard


$ 699 Monthly
  • Everything in the Business package
  • User helpdesk and support
  • 12 service and development hours


$ 1849 Monthly
  • Everything in the Business Pro package
  • Premium plugins and functions
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • User helpdesk and support
  • Monthly video meeting
  • 24 service and development hours


100% Risk-Free Promise

If you are unsatisfied with our service at any time, we will not hold you to any term.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should engage your account manager to confirm confirm which enrollment method was agreed for your project.

Enrollments can either be done by you, by us, or automatically through our automations or email onboarding process.

We do not restrict user access, so for as long as you have an active user account you will be able to access all the courses and content on the platform.

We’ve developed complete end-user training courses for the most common VoIP devices and UC applications from some of the biggest industry names.

All courses are made available to partners to use as is, or can be edited to suit their requirements and brand identity.

And, if there’s a course you want us to develop, we invite you to give us two weeks and we’ll make it for you!

Typically our training courses cover the 9 essential phone functions including:

  1. Navigating your device and understanding what each button does.
  2. Call Handling (making and receiving calls)
  3. Call Transfer
  4. Conferencing
  5. Call Forwarding
  6. Do Not Disturb
  7. Call History
  8. Phone Directory
  9. Voicemail

As a partner, however, you have the option to customise the course as you see fit. That may mean adding or removing lessons, or even different courses as part of a bigger learning journey.

Yes! Our courses and in most cases, the content served after a course, is  available in different languages.

In the case of tutorial videos, we can either keep the voiceover in English with subtitles in different languages, or we can do a complete recording in your language of choice.

Absolutely! We offer a range of services to fill the gap in delivering end-user training to your customers.

Connect with a member of our team to explore the options.

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