You just found your differentiator.

Equip your partners with the tools to generate substantial revenue while simultaneously raising their standards and refining their skills.

This comprehensive approach fosters significant growth opportunities.





Empower partners with the knowledge and confidence they need to swiftly hit the ground running and generate revenue.


Guarantee your partners remain sharp and current through continuous learning opportunities.

Protect your brand

Uphold a benchmark of superior quality that safeguards both you and your brand within the market.


From a single partner to an entire network

Equip your partners with impactful training, minus the accompanying overhead. Effortlessly automate and facilitate online learning, embracing a seamlessly efficient approach.


Partners certified in less
than one year.

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Online training, made easy

Utilize our pre-existing courses as a foundation and enhance them with your own branding, lessons, and content, available in diverse formats such as video, text, PDF, and beyond. This grants you unparalleled flexibility and expedites your entry into the market, promptly bringing value to your business.


Reward your partners' compliance

You establish the benchmark and have the ability to recognize the accomplishments of partners who successfully finish their training.



Users trained with 10,000+ 
booked for enrollment. 

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Comms-Training achieves global Dstny Alliance partnership status

Dstny partners can enhance their UCaaS projects by providing D4SP-approved end-user training videos. This approach ensures streamlined delivery, heightened customer satisfaction, improved service experiences, and increased user adoption for Dstny partners.

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Our platform or yours

Whether you seek a comprehensive managed service or possess your own Learning platform and team, we offer you the versatility to deliver your online training solution.



Link learning with outcomes

Use interactive dashboards and reporting to measure the influence and impact of training on the success of your partners.

"A confident salesperson is a successful salesperson"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We offer a range of services to fill the gap in your business. Connect with a member of our team to explore the options.

Yes, as part of our service we give you access to a dedicated, white-labelled LMS that is hosted, managed and administered by our team according to an agreed Service Level Agreement.

Super easily! Enrollments can either be done by you, by us, or automatically by having your partner visit and register through an exclusive URL that automatically gets them in.

We’ve developed complete end-user training courses for the most common VoIP devices and UC applications from some of the biggest industry names. These courses are made available to you to use as is, or edit to suit your desired state.

Yes! We have a entire team that can help build your content from scratch, or transform your content from it current content into video, animation and other formats to engage your audience and help them to meet the goals you have set for your product.

Deliver training online for maximum impact and differentiation, today.