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Going Beyond the Platform to Drive Success

Having a learning management system is one thing, but crafting courses and tailoring your content can revolutionize the experience for your users, making your training relevant, engaging, and impactful.


Bringing Value To Telecoms Resellers

Whether you seek a comprehensive managed platform or have your own Learning platform, we give you versatility 
and fill the gaps so that you can launch your next training course.

Choose a Platform

Deliver your training on your own LMS or on ours! Either way, we get you up and running, quickly and easily.

Quick to market

Pick from 30+ ready-made courses from your favourite device vendors.

Personal Support

Get a dedicated helpdesk administrator to help you onboard your customers.

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In the rapidly evolving telecoms industry, the key to empowering your team and customers lies not just in the tools you use but in the content you deliver. At Comms-Training, we understand that the depth, relevance, and engagement level of your training materials directly influence learning outcomes and user satisfaction. That’s why one of our cornerstones is improving and building content for you to deliver your content online.



Flexible Curriculum

Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all in telecoms training, we offer tailored course development services. 

Whether you’re integrating existing content or need entirely new material, our team works with you to create custom content that perfectly aligns with your brand’s values and the unique features of your products and services. 

Our advanced customization options, including multilingual support and interactive AI avatars, ensure your training is accessible, engaging, and effective for a global audience.


Customize Our Templates

Utilize our pre-existing courses as a foundation and enhance them with your own branding, lessons, and content, available in diverse formats such as video, text, PDF, and beyond. 

This grants you unparalleled flexibility and expedites your entry into the market, promptly bringing value to your business.

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